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Mikuru sighed as she walked through the door after another long day at the club room. Sometimes it was nice to return to an empty home when the day's activities had left her tired out. And today's activities really were some of the weirdest the club had ever undertaken. To spice up the club website, Haruhi had deduced that the most plausible way to gain new publicity was to post several pictures of herself, and Yuki tied up. Whilst she had originally planned for Mikuru to be the one in the photos, an argument with Kyon had resulted in Mikuru's safety and Yuki taking the bullet for her. The thought of such things filled Mikuru with disgust. Who in their right mind would enjoy being held captive, helpless like that? Well, Haruhi seemed to get into it, so maybe she did. One thing was for certain, Mikuru would never be found enjoying that.

It was getting late, and Mikuru had barely sat down before the embrace of sleep seemed all too sweet. She threw off her shoes, and curled into her armchair. It was so late that Mikuru couldn't even be bothered to take off her uniform. It wasn't long before she slipped into a deep sleep.

Mikuru opened her eyes, and found herself sitting in the same chair, except something felt different. She looked around, and found herself in almost complete darkness. When she looked down, she looked at her right wrist, and wrapped around it was blood red ribbon. A similarly coloured ribbon was wrapped around her right ankle. Mikuru was about to speak to herself, but as soon as she tried to, the ribbon suddenly wrapped itself around the arm of the chair as well as her wrist. Suddenly, another ribbon gripped her left wrist in a similar fashion. Mikuru began to worry as she struggled against the ribbons. She kicked, and pulled at them, but nothing happened. Well, the ribbon round her right ankle moved, and wrapped itself around her left ankle too.

Now Mikuru was beginning to panic. She pulled, and twisted against her restraints. However, she couldn't loosen them. She was about to call out, when another ribbon wrapped itself around her mouth, acting like a gag. Mikuru tossed, and turned, but another ribbon wrapping around her waist stopped this. It was during this session of panicking, that Haruhi appeared from the darkness. Haruhi was wearing a very bloodstained dress, and was holding a doll of Kyon in her left hand. She approached the captive Mikuru, and placed a hand on her head. She looked very despondent, like she was in a trance. She then lifted her hand, and walked away from the struggling Mikuru. As soon as she disappeared from sight, more ribbons wrapped around her upper body. This time, the ribbons were much tighter, and as a result, her upper body was almost completely immobilised.
It was after a few more moments of struggling, that Itsuki came into view. He wore a business style suit, which had a very bright golden trim. He pulled up a stool, and sat opposite Mikuru.

"Well hello there miss Asahina. How are you doing?" He asked with a slight smirk. He looked as though he was enjoying Mikuru's peril.  He laughed when Mikuru's reaction was to struggle against the binds. He then looked over his shoulder, and nodded, as though he was approving of something.  Suddenly, he stood up, and propped Mikuru's bound feet onto the stool. As soon as he vanished from sight, the ribbons wrapped round her ankles loosened, and wrapped around the stool too. The binds tightened once again, and soon Mikuru was unable to move her feet. Before long, the ribbon had wound its way around her legs completely, but stopped below her waist. For the first time, Mikuru stopped moving, and suddenly, she noticed how hot it was inside the ribbons. It wasn't long before Mikuru resumed her struggling, and soon enough Yuki appeared from the darkness. Suddenly, she began chanting, in the way she did when she was manipulating Data. Before long, she reached the captive Mikuru. When she did, she touched the ribbon round her waist, and began to walk off. As she did, the ribbons began to engulf Mikuru's whole body. It wasn't long before her body, from head to toe, was wrapped in a bright red ribbon. Suddenly, the ribbons tightened, and began Crushing Mikuru. Struggling was no use, and under all the binds she couldn't breathe. It wasn't long before she lost consciousness......

....And awoke in her armchair. Mikuru stood up slowly. She looked around slowly, trying not to blink too much, in case the light hurt her eyes. She looked at her clock. 7:30, half an hour till school starts. Oh well Mikuru though to herself. Not much time to do anything now. Mikuru took a few steps, then quickly turned back, and grabbed her bag. She grabbed a quick breakfast, and hurried out the door. She wanted to forget about last night, but more so, she wanted to forget how it made her feel. Oddly enough, it made her feel good....

She was the first into the club room that day. Haruhi's shenanigans from the previous day had been cleared away, but the place was still cluttered. Board games on the floor, Outfits on the table, and bags lying on the floor under the table.  Mikuru sighed. Haruhi had a new club policy; whoever turns up first, must clean up the mess from the previous club session. Rather than complaining, Mikuru set about tiding up. It took a little while, but with a little bit of Time Manipulation, the arduous task took less than 3 minutes.
Mikuru gazed at the clock. She must have been let out early, as the clock read 3:15. A whole fifteen minutes. Unless her time manipulation had gone wrong, she was definitely fifteen minutes early. It was then Mikuru noticed a bag under the table. She obviously hadn't cleared it away, and noticed it had a pink label on the top. Mikuru bent over to pick it up, and she read the label in her head:

"Dear Mikuru. Sorry for what happened yesterday. I feel terrible that you didn't feel into the mood for the photo shoot, so here is something to make up for it. Feel free to use them in the club, or at home. Love Haruhi."

Mikuru stared for a long time at the tag. Did she really want to accept this from Haruhi? After all, Haruhi did try and tie her up the day before. Still, a present couldn't have been that bad. After all, Haruhi bought it for her. And besides, she didn't want to seem ungrateful. She opened the bag, and put her hand in....

.....And immediately pulled it out again. Mikuru recoiled in horror. She put her hand back in, and pulled out a coil of rope. Mikuru rooted round in the bag, and put what she pulled out of the bag on the table in front of her. After the rope, was a roll of tape, a pair of handcuffs, some feathers, and a ball gag. Each item seemed worse and worse! She assumed Mikuru would perform self Bondage! In all her years monitoring Haruhi, she had never been treated like this!

Mikuru stood away for a few seconds, and then suddenly her mind flicked back to the moment she woke up. The feeling she suddenly felt after waking up. The feeling of that delicious suspense. The feeling of whether or not she could escape. Maybe she should try out Haruhi's generous gifts......

Mikuru cleared off the table, and laid on the table on her back. She grabbed the coil of rope, and began wrapping it around her ankles. Using some of the basic field training she had learnt, she knotted the rope tightly around her ankles. She tested her binds, and felt that she couldn't move her legs at all. That was good enough, as she wanted to be able to get out in the event of an emergency. She then set about tearing off several strips of tape to act as a gag. After all, she wanted it to feel as authentic as possible. As though she had really been kidnapped. After placing the fourth strip over her mouth, all Mikuru said came out as a muffled 'mmmph'. Perfect.  Mikuru then grabbed the pair of handcuffs, and the keys. Mikuru suddenly stopped for a second. Did she really want to go all the way? Was she really that desperate to feel helpless? Suddenly Mikuru lent back, and the cuffs clicked shut. She began to panic. After a moment of struggling, she stopped. Something wasn't right. The element of fear wasn't really there.

After struggling against her binds for a few moments, Mikuru stopped. This wasn't what she wanted. She was about to reach behind her and grab the keys, but it was then she rolled off the table. Mikuru hit the floor with a thud, and a surge of panic washed over her. Mikuru continued to struggle for a few moments, before realising something. She fell off the table, but all she needed to do was stand up, and pick up the keys that were lying on the table. Mikuru rolled onto her front, and tried to stand up. Unfortunately, she was unable to move her legs at all, let alone stand up. Once again, a feeling of dread set in. Before long, Mikuru grew tired of struggling, and decided she would try and knock the keys off the table, and then pick them up.

Mikuru rammed into the table with all her might, but the keys wouldn't budge. Once again Mikuru began to panic. For the first time today it occurred to Mikuru. Did she lock the door? The key was sitting firmly in the lock.... On one hand Mikuru hoped she hadn't locked it, otherwise no-one would ever find her. On the other hand, the last thing she wanted was someone to take advantage of her.

It was at this moment Haruhi walked through the door.  The look on Haruhi's face as she surveyed the room went from horror, to a wide grin when she noticed the keys to the cuffs on the table.  Mikuru almost sighed beneath the tape covering her mouth. Haruhi confidently strode over to Mikuru, and bent over her bound body. Mikuru felt Haruhi's breath on her neck.

"Aw. Isn't that sweet? Mikuru is into bondage! It's fine. I understand how you didn't want anyone to know."

And with that Haruhi went over to the door, and locked it. Mikuru's eyes began to widen, and the feeling of dread set in. Now she did feel truly helpless.

"Ha! I kinda guessed you are into it, after all, it's not the kind of thing you admit to."
Haruhi stood up, and went into the bag, which was near the computer on the other side of the room. She went to the bag, and rooted around, before pulling a few objects out. Mikuru, being on the other side of the room, and facing the wrong way, was unable to see what objects Haruhi was going to torture her with.

Haruhi strode up to Mikuru, and lay next to her. She tugged on her shoes, and removed them. Mikuru began to wriggle, desperate to avoid what Haruhi was attempting to do. Haruhi held Mikuru's legs down, and pulled off her socks, one by one. Haruhi then turned round, and grabbed Mikuru's socks, before bending down by Mikuru's face.

"Let's improve that Gag shall we?" Haruhi told the poor captive Mikuru. She ripped the tape clean off her mouth, and before she could protest her socks were shoved into her mouth, closely followed by the ball gag. Haruhi pulled the gag incredibly tight, and buckled it up. Mikuru's jaw ached from being forced open so wide, and quickly, her mouth began to go numb.

Haruhi stood up, and admired her handiwork. She quickly wrapped a few more coils around Mikuru's legs, and quickly a few around her cuffed wrists. Mikuru was now completely bound, and was unable to move.  Haruhi stood back up, pulled the feather out of her pocket, and smiled sinisterly.

"It seems such a waste to give up a situation like this..." Haruhi declared aloud. And with that, she began vigorously dusting the soles of Mikuru's feet with the feather.  Mikuru violently struggled, and began to try and call out.

"MMMMMPPPPHHH! MMMM!" She tried to yell, but it was so incredibly muffled, she just gave up. Her laughter was muffled too, and anyone walking past the club room would have heard nothing. It was almost worrying how Haruhi was able to silence Mikuru so completely, and so efficiently.

After what felt like several hours of torture, Haruhi stopped suddenly. She stood up, and looked at the clock.

"Aw crap! I'm going to be late home!" Haruhi declared. She dropped the feather, and grabbed her bag from by the door, where she had dropped it. She smiled at Mikuru, and gave a very sly glare.

"Maybe I should leave you over the weekend, and see how you cope..."

In that instant, Mikuru began to struggle intensely. She felt so much dread set into her, and within a split second, she began wondering what was sharp enough to cut the binds. Suddenly, her trail of thought was broken by laughter. Haruhi remained at the door, and watched her flail around randomly. In fact, she had no intention of leaving at all. She just wanted to see Mikuru struggle, and suffer.

Mikuru stood up, and immediately pulled the ball from her mouth. Her cheeks ached, and her ankles were red. She removed her socks from her mouth, and rather reluctantly put them back on. She slipped her shoes back on, and grabbed her bag. Haruhi followed her out of the club room, locked the door, and stepped in front of Mikuru.

"Let's not tell anyone about our little escapade today...."  Haruhi started, but before Mikuru could respond Haruhi opened her mouth again.
"And if you do tell anyone, remember, I'm not the one who tried self Bondage..." And with that Haruhi turned and walked off in that way she does.

Mikuru was left standing in the corridor, speechless. She began wondering if Haruhi was going to give up on this bondage thing any time soon. Otherwise Mikuru was in for a whole lot of uncomfortable Brigade meetings.

Mikuru sighed, and put her hand into her bag, and pulled out the ball gag that had been in her mouth a few moments prior and a small grin spread across her face.

Maybe she shouldn't give this bondage up.....
I wrote this one cold night, 2 months ago for a friend. I have had this kicking around on my hardrive for an age now, so I thought "why not upload this?"

I'm sorry for any continuity issues, and indeed the story if it hasn't been written in the style of the characters. I try, but i'm not very good at it.

Well, I hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed writing it!
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Patasata Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012
The curousity seemed a bit odd but that's the only downside. Haruhi is perfectly in character
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Fantastic first story! I surely don't mind a Mikuru that's into bondage.
Rippy-Van-Winkle Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
Why thank you. I tried really hard, and I guess I like what I wrote. Not sure about the middle bit though...
jackmackhack Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
Getting caught in selfbondage?! What fun :D
Rippy-Van-Winkle Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
Thank you very much! I have never tried this kind of thing before, so for you to say that is wonderful praise indeed!
jackmackhack Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
Helps that I really like Mikuru and Haruhi =P
Rippy-Van-Winkle Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
So do I. At any rate, thanks for the praise!
GokuMartin Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
The Nostalgia Haruhi: Holy body likes bondage? That's just sick, man! That's just sick! Hopefully, I can redeem my body with my straight, non-frealy sexual preferences!
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